Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun (2014) anime, TV – dub

536. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun.jpg
Comedy, romance, school, shounen
Episodes 12
Duration 24min
Rated PG – 13
Score 8
Creator Tsubaki Izumi
Voices Juliet Simmons, Ty Mahany, Scott Gibbs, Joanne Bonasso, Cameron Bautsch, Adam Noble, Monica Rial


When Chiyo Sakura tries to confess her feelings to Umetarou Nozaki, he gives her an autograph as he believed she was talking about his shoujo manga. Chiyo then started working as his assistant with a couple other classmates.


So… I sort of love this. It makes me glad I had to clean house today. It meant I had to look for a show in English and if it wasn’t for that, I would have never heard of any of this voice actors. And the guys have pretty great voices. I wish they were all in one of those dating game things together…

But anyway, I should mention that I scored this based solely on enjoyability. The story itself was fine. Not much character growth, not much actually happens. But it’s funny and cute and fun and those voices!

And unlike usual where I usually hate at least one character, I liked all of them. Chiyo could be a bit more obvious (like, why say you’re a fan of someone when you’re trying to tell them you have a crush on them? It makes me hope something was lost in translation) but she’s cute and you want Nozaki to notice her. Nozaki looks like he should be stoic and serious but then he freaks out because of a sailor suit and he’s cute and awkward. Miko seems like a jackass and the kind of guy you’d expect to hate at first but then he’s so shy and awkward and so many times he’s like a puppy. Then the Seo/Lorelai girl! I love her! She’s the good type of oblivious bitch. Then Waka is cute and tries to copy things from manga to try and be mean or whatever but he sucks at it so he has the opposite effect than what he wants which makes things even better. And Hori and Kashima are just so cute together…


Anyway, highly recommended for something fun!


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