Kusari ni Kiss (Higashiyama Kazuko) book, fiction – manga

750. Kusari ni Kiss - Higashiyama Kazuko.jpg
Fantasy, yaoi
Chapters 5
Volume 1
Score 8

Nekrateholic (introduces Hellsing and another character that is mentioned and shows up later in the story. You’ll probably be fine reading this without reading this, but I’d recommend it.)
Lollipop Dragoon (introduces Tayuu, explains the dragon thing and the brother thing. Would recommend to read this first. Kusari is more enjoyable when you know more about the characters and world)


Follows Hellsing, a dhampir (half human, half vampire), and Tayuu, a dragon type that self-harms, in their relationship where they use each other to get what they want.


I kind of love this. There’s chains, cutting, blood, biting, and some stuff bordering on rape (and if you read my blog posts about yaoi or just hentai or whatever, you probably know more about my fetishes than my partner of 8 years. Lucky you?).

The couple is cute. Tayuu does everything based on instincts where much of what Hellsing does seems to stem from fear. Hellsing wants Tayuus fluids for some kind if medication or antidote or something where Tayuu just wants sex. Which is where tge chains come in. After things start taking a more romantic turn, Hellsing tries to run which leads to the borderline rape as Tayuu refuses to give up.

My only complaint in the foot licking. Feet gross me out and I love shoes. But for the love of God! Before you go and lick the bottom of someone’s feet, take off the damn shoes! Lord only knows what you’re licking, ya nasty…


So… I’d recommend it for sure.


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