Doukyuusei (2016) anime, movie – sub

534. Doukyuusei.jpg
School, shounen ai, slice of life
Duration 60min
Rated PG – 13
Score 9
Creator Nakamura Asumiko
Director Nakamura Shouko
Voices Kamiya Hiroshi, Nojima Kenji, Ishikawa Hideo


One day Kusakabe Hikaru notices that the smartest kid in class, Sajou Rihito isn’t singing with everyone else. After class, Kusakabe finds Sajou practicing on his own and offers to help. Then begins their relationship.


So… I was tempted to give this only a 7. I wasn’t a fan of the art. At least when it cam to their legs… their hands weren’t scary Dirty Dancing giant at least though.

I didn’t because of the story. It alone is good. I’m disappointed that I didn’t get any sex, but it’s a cute, sweet, sometimes kind of sad and painful story about love in high school when one of the partners seems to be straight and is popular with girls.


Anyway, I’d recommend it. It’s sweet.


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