And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online? (2016) anime, TV – sub

533. And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online.jpg
Comedy, ecchi, game, romance, school
Episodes 12
Duration 25min
Rated PG – 13
Score 7
Creator Kineko Shibai
Director Yanagi Shinsuke
Voices Toyonaga Toshiyuki, Hidaka Rina, Ichimichi Mao, Hatano Wataru, Minase Inori, Matsukaze Masaya, Ohwada Hitomi, Nanjo Yoshino


Nishimura Hideki play MMORPGs as Rusian. After proposing to a girl IG and being told she was a he, he gave up until a couple years later when a girl in his guild insists they get married. After meeting IRL, he discovers that his guild members all attend the same school and that they’re all girls.


So… it’s nothing new. It’s a bunch of teenagers playing video games. But the one doesn’t entirely get that IG and IRL are different. But it’s pretty and kind of fun. But I think the only reason I actually enjoyed it was because Ako was so cute.

One thing I did notice that makes it maybe a bit different from video game themed anime was that the characters seemed to grow. Not much but… Schwein became slightly less bitchy and more friendly with the group and Ako, although she still ran away from reality a lot, seemed to deal with it more, even paying more attention to real people (although do you really think they’d let it actually happen?)

I expected a bit more of a harem thing, but Ako was the only one that actually seemed interested in Rusian.


I’d recommend it, probably. I’d say it’s one of the better high-schoolers-playing-video-games anime out there.


Accel World
SAO (2012, Extra Edition, 2: Debriefing, 2)


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