Bakemono no Ko (2015) anime, movie – sub

529. Bakemono no Ko
Adventure, supernatural
Duration 119min
Rated PG – 13
Score 9
Creator/Director Hosoda Mamoru
Voices Hirose Suzu, Yakusho Koji, Miyazaki Aoi, Sometani Shota, Morohoshi Sumire, Franky Lily, Oizumi Yo


Ren is a 9 year old boy. After his mother died and his father disappeared, he ran away. While hiding in Shibuya, he meets a beast named Kumatetsu. Both were stubborn, but Ren needed a home and Kumatetsu wanted a disciple so they both begin to live with each other, Kumatetsu renaming Ren, Kyuuta. Both grow and learn from each other.


Okay well… I’m still sick but just because I’m sick, doesn’t mean I should miss some posts, right?

Well… my hearing is off so I’m not going to say anything about the voices/sound.

That description isn’t the best… sorry…

I sort of love this movie though. The art is pretty, the characters are interesting, the story is good. It was long enough of a movie that they don’t have to really rush anything.

They seemed to try for a bit of a romance thing though, which I wasn’t really a fan of.

Also, there was a cute little fuzzy thing. I think Kyuuta said it was a mouse, and although I’ve seen fuzzy mice, the tail was too short. So I think it was probably a hamster. Which makes me wonder what the hell kind of hamster it was considering the movie takes place over 8 or 9 years and hamsters usually only live 2-3…


Anyway, my talking of this is horrible. Sorry. But watch it for sure. It’s a great movie, even if it is long.


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