Hundred (2016) anime, TV – sub

527. Hundred
Action, ecchi, harem, romance, school, sci fi
Episodes 12
Duration 24min
Rated PG – 13
Score 6
Creator Misaki Jun
Director Kobayashi Tomoki
Voices Ookubo Rumi, Ichimichi Mao, Yoshioka Mayu, Okuno Kaya, Hasegawa Yoshiaki


At some point, large and destructive creatures called Savages showed up. Hundreds are the only weapons that work on them and are used by Slayers. Kisaragi Hayato got into a battleship University, Little Garden, with the highest Hundred compatibility score ever.


So… I don’t know what to say about the story. For the most part, I feel like any actual story there is overshadowed by the fact that everyone wears skimpy little outfits, the women appear to wear bras of any kind so there’s always bouncing boobies, and every time anything serious happens, nudity, pervitedness or girls fighting over the main character soon take over.

As for the characters, nothing new or unique. You’ve got the overpowered protagonist with very little personality that tries to keep everyone happy (even if it means leaving in the middle of a date without telling his date to go be with another girl). And of course he has the sick little sister who he will do anything for, including becoming a Slayer. And of course she’s got a complex and doesn’t want anyone, especially women, near her brother. You have the girl hiding who she is from everyone, just so she has a chance to see the boy she loves again (no boobs but at least she has pretty hair). The pop idol that knew the protagonist as children, even if only for a short time, and wants to get with him. And finally, the strict big titted but innocent one that the protagonist keeps stealing firsts from.

The art isn’t anything special. The main guy is one step away from being in a hentai. Plain looks, no personality, obvious closeted pervert. The girls are ok. Nothing unique about them although sometimes it looks like the boobs are just water balloons. They move a lot, but sometimes, especially from the side, they don’t look attached. They look like what you’ve probably seen hundreds of times. Maybe that’s where the title comes from.

At least the arc seemed to be finished, although I trust the blond guy even less now and it ended with (don’t worry,  no spoilers) all 4 girls fighting over the main character (with a fifth girl tossed in for one of the other girls). And I have a feeling if there was more, the mc would have one more added to his harem.


So… I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s an ecchi/harem toning down on it just enough to make their attempt at a series story more serious, ruining both.


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