Pixies (2015) animated, movie – Canada

Duration 77min
Rated PG
Score 5
Director/writer Sean Patrick O’Reilly
Voices Alexa PenaVega, Christopher Plummer, Bill Paxton, Carlos PenaVega, Geoff Gustafson, Alison Wandzura, Sean Patrick O’Reilly, Eric Pollins, Tyler Nicol, Denai Johnson, Lauren Basson, Summer O’Reilly


Joe Beck, running late for work and having forgotten his to put out his trash. He tosses it, causing damage to a pixie village. The pixie king then sends his son Sam to ensure Joe will never be happy.


So… it feels like they’re trying to go with a “be kind to the environment and to each other thing” made worse by the love interest being a vegan, saying she believes all animals should be free and that humans should be locked up, and the waste from electronics in India.

I don’t get Joe. So, you didn’t get your garbage out in time. It’s one bag. Just keep it in your outside trash bin until next collection day. And after hearing you nearly destroyed a village and seriously injured the brother of the guy in front of you, don’t act like a selfish prick and talk about everything that’s went wrong with you. And then to go back and destroy it further!

The pixie king isn’t much better. One if your sons isn’t waking up so you send the other to fool around with the giant ass human? And then send more of your people after him when he discovers what you’re doing? Do you really care about your one son so much that you’re willing to sacrifice your other son as well as everything else you have just to play some pranks?

Then the voice acting was annoying, the animation was crap and awkward.


I wouldn’t recommend it. For a while I was thinking it would be okay for kids, but the feud went too far on both sides and the making up seemed extremely forced.


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