Big Order (2016) anime, TV – sub (censored)

524. Big Order
Action, shounen, super power
Episodes 10
Duration 24min
Rated R 17 +
Score 7
Creator Esuno Sakae
Director Kamanaka Nobuharu
Voices Morita Masakazu, Mikami Shiori, Misaki Mari, Kuno Misaki, Tadokoro Azusa, Tachibana Shinnosuke, Tsuruoka Satoshi




Ten years ago the world was destroyed due to a young boys wish. Now he’s in high school and trying to hide that fact so he can protect his sister. But when an assassin shows up, with powers from her own wish, he and his sister get dragged into a feud between Orders (those with the powers from wishes), and normal people that want to kill him for what he did.


The main guy, Eiji, sort of annoys me. I get being scared to use you powers after you pretty much destroy the world and kill off like, 50% of the population or whatever, but after he does start using it again, he allows himself to be a puppet. He can control everything. Do so.

Speaking of controlling everything, he can control everything in his domain. And yet, there was an episode where he claimed to be unable to control water. He could control the air and the fish, but not the water? Why exactly?

Rin annoys me too. You might be under Eijis control, but if you hate him so much, don’t get so damn friendly with him.

The sister Sena was annoying too. And I have to wonder if some scenes with Eiji actually happened or if it was just what she wanted to happen. I sort of really hope it was the latter…

Iyo was the only one I actually liked. She seemed majorly innocent at times though and at other time, why too mature. Like, at one point she seemed to think she’d get pregnant by having her hair ribbon touched or something, but soon enough she was stripping down and going after a guy in handcuffs…

Anyway, it was entertaining enough. I wouldn’t claim it was actually good though. Much of it was either confusing or lacked the punch you’d want from it. You didn’t actually come to give a damn about any of the characters. You didn’t care about their back stories or anything about them. They were there and they all had depressing back stories thanks to Eiji wanting to be like an anime/manga character.

The censoring was horrible. Everytime there was a chance to see some boobs, an odd heavenly light appeared ruining everything and blocking out much of the screen.


So… You aren’t missing much if you don’t watch it, but it’s not a complete waste of time if it’s entertaining, right?


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