Wagamama Kitchen (Monchi Kaori) book, fiction – manga

749. Wagamama Kitchen - Monchi Kaori.jpg
Drama, romance, yaoi
Volume 1
Chapters 8
Score 7


Contains two couples/stories. The first is about a high school boy that is looking for someone he used to love, who then became his teacher. The next is about a man that falls in love with straight men and falls for someone that he does work for.


So… I found this more funny than sexy. It’s awkward and funny, especially the second story.

I didn’t mind the first. A kid that looks like a girl is in love with his teacher and the teacher is scared to get close to him. And the kids family hates the teacher, lied about the kid to get him away from the guy. But I can’t blame them. Even if bathing with others may be acceptable to a certain point in Japan, but it’s almost like the teacher, when the knew each other when they were younger, sort of trained the boy to love him. It was a little uncomfortable.

In the second, it was awkward and funny… but again, both have issues. The one has a habit of falling in love with straight men, and when he is in a relationship, it sounds abusive. And it doesn’t change with the guy he crushes on in this. The guy is mean, saying horrible things on a regular basis. He kicked him, he flipped furniture onto him. He even said that he seriously bullied someone he was attracted to when he was in school.

The art isn’t bad. Not the best. I’m not a fan of the eyes and the faces sometimes look awkward. But the hands weren’t giant!! The sex scenes kind of suck though. It’s censored to the point where it looks like nothing is there. It isn’t even whited out in a way that you can tell someone’s there. And for the most part, it almost feels like the author didn’t want sex at all, but did want foreplay.


So… I wouldn’t recommend it for the nummy yaoi sex stuff, maybe not even the romance. But it’s fun enough.


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