Zankyou no Terror (2014) anime, tv – sub

521. Zankyou no Terror.jpg
Psychological, thriller
Episodes 11
Duration 23min
Rated R-17+
Score 6
Creator/director Watanabe Shinichiro
Writers Kamagai Jun, Seko Hiroshi
Voices Tanezaki Atsumi, Ishikawa Kaito, Sakuya Shunsuke, Saito Soma, Takahashi Daisuke, Han Megumi


Nine and Twelve are teenage boys that are blowing things up so that something that happened when they were children will come to light. Lisa is a girl that’s bullied that befriends the two. Shibazaki is a detective that is trying to catch the boys.


I don’t get it. Maybe I’m too stupid to truly understand it and thus truly enjoy it. I kept reading about how great it was and it has pretty decent scores everywhere. But to me, it feels like maybe people are giving it a decent score based on the idea or just wanting to seem like they actually get it.

I mean, the idea is good. A couple people are trying to bring to light something serious the government had done and kept hidden and to do so, they get their attention by blowing up places that are related to it. Were it done well, it would have been good.

Unfortunately, it was boring. If it weren’t for some action in the last few episodes, I would have given it a 5. It was all I could to not drop it. But even ignoring the fact that it was boring, it could have been pretty good if at least the characters were interesting. Lisa did nothing but get in the way and get caught. The one boy betrayed the other because of the girl. The other is only interested in blowing stuff up. Five is obsessed with the one  boy to dangerous levels. The detective is the only one that seems at all interesting but they don’t delve into him at all.


So, I wouldn’t recommend it. At all. There’s better out there.


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