Mr Pickles, season 1 (2014) animated, tv – USA

Mr Pickles. 1.jpg
Comedy, horror
Episodes 10
Duration 12min
Rated TV-MA
Score 8
Creators Will Carsola, Dave Stewart
Voices Will Carsola, Frank Collison, Jay Johnston, Kaitlyn Robrock, Brooke Shields, Dave Stewart


Mr Pickles is the dog of the Goodman family, and best friend of the crippled Tommy. But Mr Pickles has a secret: he’s a murderer.


So… don’t expect anything too deep over this. It feels like it tries to be shocking and offensive just to be shocking and offensive. It seems to hit nearly everything.

That being said, it was funny. The characters were all complete idiots, many of them seeming to have something seriously wrong with them mentally and/or physically. The arts iffy. Not the best thing out there, but sort of what I’ve personally come to expect from American animation geared toward adults.

There’s not much of a story. The mom stays at home, the dad is a telemarketers, everyone thinks the grandpa is crazy because he’s always going on about Mr Pickles being evil, the boy is stupid and innocent. Mr Pickles likes pickles and killing people.

Personally, I have no problem with the dog killing. Grandpa should chill. For the most part, the dog seems to go after people that deserve it, like pedophiles.


Anyway, it’s a fun watch. At least if you don’t get easily offended. Or grossed out. And there’s a lot of humping. And killing. And bondage. And Satanic imagery.


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