Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to (2014) anime, TV – sub

519. Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to The Animation
Comedy, ecchi, harem, seinen, slice of life
Episodes 12
Duration 13min
Rated PG -13
Score 7
Creator Hiroyuki
Director Furuta Takeshi
Voices Matsuoka Yoshitsugu, Hayami Saori, Iguchi Yuka, Kugimiya Rie, Noto Arisa, Itou Miku, Tanaka Manami


Follows mangaka, pervert and lover of panties, Aito Yuuki, and his group of female assistants and editor.


It wasn’t as fun as I expected. I mean, a show about a panties obsessed pervert? I expected more laughs. Not that there wasn’t the odd one.

I liked the voices and I didn’t feel the need to skip the op and ed. The characters were cute enough although they fit the mold for the types of characters they were, right down to their panties.

Aito I sort of loved. He was a major pervert while at the same time being innocent enough to get excited at the idea of just sharing an umbrella. He’s a complete idiot. But he makes sense sometimes, especially when it comes to panties or manga, and it’s obvious he actually cares about the girls, even if every good thing he does is ruined by him being a pervert.

The girls are okay. None of them piss me off or anything. It would be nice if the editor wore something other than the pant suit but… then there’s the super assistant! She’s cute and sweet and wears great clothes and her hair is so long! Her boobs are on the smaller side but they suit her!


Anyway, I’d recommend if you want something to unwind with. I marathoned it because that’s what I like doing, but the episodes are short, it doesn’t require much thought and it’s entertaining, so it would be great to watch an episode or two if you don’t have much time but want to clear your head or something.


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