The Incredibles (2004) animated, movie – USA

Action, adventure, family
Duration 115min
Rated PG
Score 6
Director/writer Brad Bird
Voices Craig T Nelson, Holly Hunter, Samuel L Jackson, Jason Lee, Wallace Shawn, Spencer Fox, Sarah Vowell


Bob and Helen Parr are retired superheroes with three children, trying to hide their powers and live normal lives. When Bob tries to relive his glory days as Mr Incredible, he gets in trouble and needs his family to come help him.


It’s not very original. I feel like I’ve seen most of it before. It’s entertaining enough at least.

The voices are okay for the most part, but the wife’s voice did annoy me.

The art was… well… I guess it worked considering, but the mouths seemed awkward and the Incredibles costumes looked shiny and it made movements sort of… nauseating… kind of…


I can see kids liking it (I mean like, come on, superheroes), and I’m sure the adults would like some of the jokes but… I wouldn’t watch it again. Although I’d be curious enough to check out a sequel.


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