Smart House (1999) live action, movie – USA

smart house.png
Comedy, drama, family, sci fi
Duration 82min
Rated TV-G
Score 7
Director LeVar Burton
Writers William Hudson, Stu Krieger
Cast Kevin Kilner, Ryan Merriman, Katey Sagal, Jessica Steen, Katie Volding


When 13 year old Ben wins a smart house, controlled by an AI to make life easy for the occupants, he, his father and younger sister move in. Eventually the house begins acting like an overbearing mother.


You know… I thought there was a scene where the father was in the bath and Pat (the computer) started acting like a wife… but maybe I’m mixing it up with something else.

As for the show itself… I liked it but not for any real reason.
Quite a bit of the acting, especially from side characters, was extremely fake and awkward.
The idea needs some work because I mean, really, even if you’re just using it to promote and sell your product, who the hell is going to give a house away for free?

The girl is a brat but scared of something on what’s essentially a tv. The boy has no personality and all you get from him is that he tries to do everything because God forbid his father decides to start dating again. As for that, there’s no chemistry between the father and the woman he starts dating. There was more chemistry with the house.


But even with all that, it was fun so… I’d recommend it actually….


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