After Class Lesson (2005) anime, OVA – sub (uncensored)

515. After Class Lesson.jpg
Hentai, rape, yuri
Episodes 3
Duration 29min
Rated Rx
Score 8
Director Raika Ken
Voices Yanase Natsumi, Takana Yuka, Hagiwara Emiko, Taguchi Hiroko, Rikimaru Noriko, Nishizawa Hiroka


WARNING Hentai. I’m sure you know what that means right? Sex. Lots of it. Orgies. Rape. School girls. Lesbians? Tadpoles? So…


Shibui Ryuji is a science teacher at an all girls school. Due to the fact that he constantly masturbates in his lab coat, he gives off an odd smell earning him the nickname Mr Squid. After getting a warning that he may be fired, and discovering evidence that a student stole test papers, he decides to blackmail her into having sex with him.


So…. I actually don’t mind that rape thing. In fact, I love it (and no, I’m not talking real rape. I’m talking fictional and pretend rape). And if you take a young girl and give her the first orgasm she’s ever had, I can see her falling for the guy.

What bothers me though is that by the end of the three episodes, he had SIX students AND a teacher hanging all over him, begging him for more. He may be good, but I can’t see him being that good. But, it’s common in anime.

So onto what really matters in a hentai. The art was great. The sounds were great. I soaked through my panties. So why didn’t it get a 10? The teacher creeped me out and I felt bad for the blue haired chick after the first half of the first episode.


So, I’d recommend it. But the end… it sorta came outta no where. Should have expected it considering but…


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