Major Payne (1995) live action, movie – USA

major payne
Duration 95min
Rated PG – 13
Score 9
Director Nick Castle
Writers Joe Connelly, Bob Mosher
Cast Damon Wayans, Michael Ironside, Scott Bigelow, Joseph Blaire, Orlando Brown, Peyton Chesson-Fohl, Stephen Coleman, David DeHart, Andrew Leeds, Mark W Madison, Steven Martini, Chris Owen, Karyn Parsons, Damien Dante Wayans, R Stephen Wiles


Major Payne is a career Marine that is a killing machine. After being discharged, he is put in charge of a school JROTC program to a bunch of misfit losers.


There’s not much to this. It’s funny. Hilarious at times… sometimes really sweet, like the bullet. The story is simple. A group of whiney little brats begin to grow up and learn some responsibility and discipline. The Marine that just kills starts to learn about feelings.


So, I’d recommend it. Especially for something funny to watch with pizza. And maybe friends.


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