Kiss Me, Kill Me (2009) live action, movie – South Korea

228. kiss me kill me.jpg
Action, adventure, comedy, crime, drama, romance
Duration 108min
Score 6
Director/writer Yang Jong Hyeon
Cast Kang Hye Jung, Shin Hyun Joon


Hyun Jun is hired to kill a man in his sleep. When he gets there, he finds Jin Young, a woman that wanted to go out with a bang after being dumped by her boyfriend.


In all honesty, I couldn’t concentrate on this at all. I liked the characters and actors. I liked the plot. But I just couldn’t convince myself that there was any chemistry. It was just two extremely lonely people desperate for any kind of human contact.

But it was still good. Romance aside, they seemed to work well as friends, sort of. They were at least funny.


Doubt I’d recommend it though.


My PS Partner
A couple meets in an unusual way and begin to grow feelings for each other.


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