My PS Partner (2012) live action, movie – South Korea

227. My PS Partner.jpg
Comedy, mature, romance
Duration 114min
Score 8
Director Byun Sung Hyun
Writers Byun Sung Hyun, Kim Min Su
Cast Ji Sung, Kim Ah Joong


Hyun Seung was dumped by his girlfriend. After discovering she already moved on, he gets a call from Yoon Jung who dialed the wrong number when wanting to try phone sex with a boyfriend. They eventually begin to make talking on the phone a regular occurrence.


It was fun. One of the better romcoms I’ve seen in a long while. Probably because, although it follows many of the usual tropes you’d expect, but it takes a different way. It also includes one of the greatest love songs ever.

I’m not much of a fan of the side characters. They’re sort of annoying. But the only side character that really matters is Yoon Jungs boyfriend. The rest are there but don’t pay much of a part. The main characters are good at least. They’re entertaining and appear to have a decent chemistry.


So I’d definitely recommend it if you want a good RomCom.


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