Zero Man VS The Half Virgin (2011) live action, movie – Japan

226. Zero Man VS The Half Virgin.jpg
Duration 107min
Score 9
Director/writer Satou Sakichi
Cast Hakura Chihiro, Shijimi, Yamamoto Hiroshi, Hoshino Miho, Don Brown


Warning for sensitive people
This is a show about a man who can see numbers while erect. He masturbates A LOT. There’s incest, a child with a fairly high number, and a nude scene (boobs and ass). If you’re overly offended by any of this, go away.


Sakuragi wakes up not know where or who he is, but he’s wearing a police uniform. He soon learn that if he gets hard, he can see numbers on people’s foreheads and decides it’s how many people they’ve had sex with. With this power, he goes on a mission to have sex with a virgin.


I’m going to avoid too much of the story. It’ll give away too much. I will say that I’m not sure what’s worse with the little 13 kid though.

So… it seems like one of those low budget movies. The camera work is sometimes shaky, the special effects mainly consist of paint, green light and something any kid with any sort of smarts when it comes to video editing can do. But… in a way, that makes it sort of better.

The foreign guy, when speaking in English spoke normally and when speaking in Japanese, it’s what you’d expect from someone still learning, which was why he hung out at the police box in the first place.

The 0.5 girl was sort of annoying. She was supposed to be a teenager. But she was in a nude scene so… and the nude scene, although was sex, wasn’t a big deal. Like late night tv on Showcase. She whined a lot though.


Anyway, it was hilarious, often times in an awkward way. I’d recommend it.


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