Final Destination (2000) live action, movie – USA, Canada

final destination.jpg
Duration 98min
Rated R
Score 6
Director James Wong
Writers James Wong, Glen Morgan, Jeffrey Reddick
Cast Devon Sawa, Ali Larter, Kerr Smith, Kristen Cloke,  Daniel Roebuck, Roger Guenveur Smith, Chad Donella, Sean William Scott


On a school trip to France, Alex has a dream about the plane they’re on crashing. Freaking out leads to him and a handful of other students and a teacher being forced off the plane. Shortly after, the survivors begin to die.


It was entertaining. I wouldn’t say it was great though. It’s all about fate and death and while the story is interesting enough, it’s been done before. Nothing new there. The entire thing has a sort of cheesiness to it as well. The acting is slightly overdone, making it seem even cheesier and at times, funny.

It’s what I’m sure you’ve come to expect from a horror movie made in the late ’90s, early 2000s and geared towards people in their late teens or early 20’s. It’s not complete crap, it’s got fairly well known people (not that I can tell you who they are or what they’re from but…)


I’d recommend it to kill time. Probably a good movie if, unlike me, you have a group of friends to watch it with. I suspect it would go well with pizza.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer (movie, not series, obviously)
I Know What You Did Last Summer
Chastity Bites


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