Coppelion (2013) anime, tv – eng dub

509. Coppelion.jpg
action, sci fi, seinen
Episodes 13
Duration 24min
Rated PG-13
Score 5
Creator Inoue Tomonori
Voices Cassandra Lee Morris, Erica Lindbeck, Shelby Lindley, Barbara Goodson, Sean Chiplock, Michael McConnohie, Marc Diraison, Amanda Celine Miller, Steve Kramer, Richard Epcar, Max Mittelman, Keith Silverstein, Spike Spencer, Sarah Williams, Cherami Leigh


Three high school girls are sent into a dangerous area 20 years after a meltdown at a nuclear power plan when an SOS is sent out.


The old people look okay but everyone else is odd looking. While I understand why many of the characters would be pale because of the suits they have to wear, the Coppelions are so pale you can barely see them if they’re against, say, a white sheet. And the faces on the teenage girls are kind of… awkward.

The plot… well…. the “plot” is nonexistent. The story is an intersting idea but… it’s done in a sort of boring way.

The characters are all pretty one dimensional. They’re all so boring and obvious. Even the slightly more interesting characters (that don’t show up until near the end) are one dimensional but they’re at least entertaining. The characters don’t even sit right. When it comes to the main three, one looks like she should be smart, and she is, but… she doesn’t do much until some woman goes into labour. The other is completely useless and just cries. She acts like a grade schooler. The leader seems like she’s supposed to be tough but cries at least once an episode because she can’t do anything.

The voices aren’t horrible I guess… But for the most part, they don’t match the personalities or ages. The robot as the only one that seemed to truly have a voice that suited him.


I don’t know why I stayed up all night watching this. It was boring and annoying with no real purpose to anything and even the serious parts meant little. Not recommended.


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