THE READING Book 140: SEPTIMUS HEAP #1 Magyk (Angie Sage)

0140K0136. SEPTIMUS HEAP 1 Magyk - Angie Sage

AUTHOR/ARTIST Angie Sage (illustrations by Mark Zug

GENRE fiction, hardcover. childrens, young adult, adventure, fantasy, magic

PUBLISHER HarperCollins


YEAR 2005


DESCRIPTION The night of his birth, Septimu Heap, the seventh son of the seventh son is pronounced dead and whisked away. The same night, his father finds a baby girl abandoned in the forest and takes her home. Ten years later, it is revealed the girl, named Jenna, is a princess and along with the Extraordinary Wizard Marcia, and Boy 412, a member of the Young army, the group goes on a journey of discovery in order to keep Jenna safe from a Darke Wizard.


This was one of those books I got just because it looked good. But luckily it was a good read as well. Easy, nothing too serious (even though people die and get shot like, all the time…). It’s as serious as a kids book can get. Like the first few Harry Potter books. And I’d recommend to anyone that like them. There are similarities like the magic thing and the chosen one and all that… but… The chosen one isn’t actually revealed until close to the end… majorly annoying that. Don’t give me a book about a kid then kill the kid off in the first chapter and not have any mention of who he is until the last quarter of the book dammit!! But… it did tie up some loose ends at the end so you aren’t left wondering whats going to happen to everyone. At the same time, you want to know if the princess is going to be queen and be the boss and you want to know about boy 412…

Obviously I now have to look for the rest of the books. If I don’t find them in the next few months, I guess I’ll have to order them…

Book #140
Keep #136
Lose #5


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