Wolf Children (2012) anime, movie – Eng dub

499. Wolf Children.jpg
Fantasy, slice of life
Duration 1hr 57min
Rated PG, children
Score 8
Creator Hosoda Mamoru
Voices Alison Viktorin, Micah Solusod, Colleen Clinkenbeard, David Matranga, Jad Saxton, Lara Woodhull, Jason Liebrecht, Jerry Russell


Hana is a college student that falls in love with a man that can turn into a wolf. After a time, the start a family. Unfortunately the man soon dies, leaving Hana to raise their two children alone while trying to hide the fact that they are wolf children.


I feel like I’d like this more if it wasn’t for all the hype. People always go on and on about how amazing it was and that it’s one of the best anime movies ever.

I get the people that talk about how great a mother Hana is. She’s a single mother of two young children. To make things more difficult, the children turn into wolves. And she never actually got a chance to say goodbye to her boyfriend. She did whatever she could to take care of her children and make sure they’re healthy and happy and can decide what they want to be.

I didn’t mind the English dubs and such. It sounded good. The story was okay. It was more cute than anything else. People always go on and on about how emotional it was. Was it? Was it more emotional in Japanese? A couple scenes were emotional I guess. Arguably 3 scenes pulled at the heartstrings.

As for the art, it was far too simplified for my liking. I guess it suited the feel of the movie, but it was annoying. Unless they were majorly up close, they just looked like blobs of colour.


I guess I’d recommend it. If only for the cute wolves. And although it’s ok for kids for the most part, there was a scene that implied sex. And it looked like it happened while the guy was in partial wolf form.


Usagi Drop
Slice of life’s with similar feel and about someone suddenly having to take care of a child they don’t know the first thing about.


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