Snow White with the Red Hair (2015) anime, TV – Eng dub

494. Snow White with the Red Hair.jpg
Drama, fantasy, romance, shoujo
Episodes 12
Duration 24min
Rated PG -13
Score 6
Creator Akizuki Sorata
Voices Austin Tindle, Brina Palencia, Josh Grelle, Rachel Robinson, Ian Sinclair, Mikaela Krantz, Jamie Marchi, Eric Vale


Shirayuki is a cheerful herbologist. However, she has unique red hair that gets the attention of the prince. To avoid being forced to be his concubine, she cuts her hair and runs, eventually being rescued by a prince of a neighbouring country.


It looks good? I didn’t mind the voices too much. But… during the entire thing, I had a feeling I saw it somewhere before. I didn’t read the manga though. So I checked. There are similarities to Reimei no Arcana.

There is nothing in this that’s unique. It follows the usual Disney princess thing. Poor girl gets the attention of a prince that wants to be with her. Only difference is, they actually get to know each other before just hopping right into the marriage bed.The characters are all one dimensional. You know how the characters are going to be, what they want and how they’re going to get what they want. Of course, there’s the odd one where they aren’t quite what you expect. But with how little you see them, it doesn’t really matter.


So… I wouldn’t really recommend it. That being said, I plan on watching the next season when it’s done being dubbed.


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