Little Mom Scandal (2008) live action, drama – South Korea

224. Little Mom Scandal.jpg
Comedy, drama, family, life, mature, romance
Episodes 8
Duration 53min
Score 8
Director Jang Doo Ik
Writer Kim Nam Hee
Cast Hwang Jung Eum, Im Seong Eon, Jung Hee Jung, Oh Yi Na, Heo Jeong Min, Kim Song Ha


The show centers around two rebellious high school students (one of which gets pregnant) and two slightly older girls doing whatever they can for money, and there relationships with each other, their families and men.


It has some of what you expect. A poor character making money to take care of her sick family. A kidnapping. Rich and controlling parents. Obviously the one that got pregnant gets kicked out and freeloads off her friends.

Then the “men” these girls choose are all wrong and when there is a better guy for them, they ignore them or push them away.

But nothing ever seems to get too serious. The kidnapping was pretty bad but aside from that… it’s mostly just dumb people doing dumb things and getting into fights and misunderstandings and all that.

The end of the final episode is kind of disappointing though. Things went in the wrong direction but still worked. If you could call it that. But it had a preview so it obviously insists you watch the next season.


I think I’d recommend it. Even if you aren’t too concerned about the characters, you’ll shut your mind off some and it’s funny (ish).


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