Kimi ni Todoke (2009) anime, TV – sub

481. Kimi ni Todoke.jpg
Romance, school, shoujo
Episode 12
Duration 23 min
Rated PG -13
Score 7
Creator Shiina Karuho
Director Kaburaki Hiro
Writer Ikeda Mamiko
Voices Namikawa Daisuke, Noto Mamiko, Nakamura Yuuichi, Sawashiro Miyuki, Sanpei Yuuko, Ono Yuuki, Yamanaka Masahiro, Hirano Aya


Kuronuma Sawako is quiet, shy and awkward. That coupled with her nickname Sadako and creepy looks, there are rumors she can see ghosts and can curse people so of course everyone, including teachers, avoid her. Until the most popular boy in class, Kazehaya Shouta begins to talk to her.


Don’t expect anything to serious. The most serious thing it touches on is one of the characters being in an obviously mentally abusive and controlling relationship. Even after the character is hit by her boyfriend, they ignore it because another characters crush is in a relationship.

Overall though, it’s a cute show. That’s it. There’s the odd bit that’s funny. But mostly it’s just cute. The main couple has a girl that has almost no self-esteem and she worried about hurting the guys reputation. The other is one sided. The other is moat likely just all in my head.


I’d recommend it if you just want something to relax. You don’t really have to think and nothing serious actually happens.




Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge

Both are about socially awkward, slightly creepy girls that suddenly become surrounded by sociable and fairly good looking people. The difference is that Kimi wants friends and to be normal while Yamato is happy being who she is, even if that means not having friends. Although both become close to the people around them and are accepted for who they are.


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