Boruto: Naruto the Movie (2015) anime, movie – Korean dub

474. Boruto Naruto the Movie.jpg
Action, comedy, martial arts, shounen, super power
Duration 95 min
Rated PG -13
Score 8


Boruto Uzumaki wants to defeat his father as he hates him being hokage. To do so, he becomes Sasukes student. Meanwhile, the chunin exams are going on and descendants of Kaguya are after the tailed beasts.


It was okay. Some funny parts. The animation seemed kind of sloppy at some parts bit the scenes with Naruto and Sasuke working together looked good. Purple and Orange are two of my favourite colours after all…

As for the story itself, it was OK. Boruto obviously loves his father and want him to be proud of him, but he doesn’t like that he works all the time. Which seems to lead to him not wanting to work at anything and cheating at everything. Including video games. Which sort of threw me. When did they get all these video games and tvs and crap? No wonder the kids don’t try hard anymore. But eventually Boruto has to learn that there are no shortcuts to real power.

Then Gaara! My poor Gaara! What did they do to his hair?!


I’d recommend it if you like the Naruto series. Personally, I still wish I had waited a bit to watch it. I haven’t read the manga yet so I don’t get some of it. Like the arms! But it was still good and since the focus was more on Boruto, it didn’t impact it much.


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