Kaiba (2008) anime, TV – sub

467. Kaiba.jpg
Adventure, mystery, romance, sci fi
Episodes 12
Duration 24min
Rated R+
Score 6
Directors/writers Yuasa Masaaki, Mihara Michio
Voices Kuwashima Houko, Noto Mamiko, Park Romi,  Mizuta Wasabi, Egawa Hisao


Set in a work where you can buy and sell bodies and memories can be stored on chips. A boy with a hole in his chest has no memories but does have a locket with a girls photo. While traveling, he meets people, sees a lot of the negatives of the world and slowly regains his memories.


I loved the art. It suited the story, the characters weren’t all cute but they weren’t ugly beyond words. In a way though, it’s odd. Most of the charters look like they’re about 12 years old, if that, their clothing makes quite a few look like they’re wearing diapers or under clothes. The odd one that’s shown that’s obviously adult are either “evil” (bit of a stretch… but “not very good people” just doesn’t…) or they’re sort of animal looking. And a lot got things for kids.

As for the story… it was a little confusing at times. Slow at either times. But it was interesting. Weird. Very weird. Everything about it was weird. But because of that weirdness, I had a hard time not watching it, even though at 2 episodes in I was about ready to drop in since nothing was happening and not much actually happened until about half way through the show.


I’m not sure if I’d recommend it. I feel like it’s something that would have been better if you… uh… smoke…



Not actually anything in common with these two. But if I remember correctly, one of the mangas the guys were writing had a similar theme about buying and selling memories or bodies or whatever.

Cat Soup
Cat Soup Theater
Odd art with odd stories. Both are kind of creepy cute? Both also seem to be best if you’re on something.


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