Thirteen (2016) live action, mini series – UK

thirteen. 1.jpg
Episode 5
Duration 60 min
Score 8
Cast Jodie Comer, Natasha Little, Stuart Graham, Richard Rankin, Valene Kane, Joe Layton, Katherine Rose Morley, Eleanor Wyld, Aneurin Barnard, Kemi-Bo Jacobs, Mark Flitton, Peter McDonald, Melina Matthews


When she was 13, Ivy was kidnapped. Now she is 26 and finally back home.


It’s good. Slightly boring since I’m watching another show that follows pretty much the exact same story line for a couple episodes. But I almost feel like this one is better.

A lot of the characters pissed me off though. One couple forced themselves to be together for the sake of the kids. The wife of another was a bitch. The female cop seemed to be jealous and trying to find any excuse to blame Ivy for everything.


Anyway, it was interesting. A crime drama from the side of the victim instead of the cops. I’d recommend it.


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