Myriad Colours Phantom World (2016) anime, TV – sub

485. Musaigen no Phantom World.jpg
Action, comedy, fantasy, supernatural
Episodes 13
Duration 24 min
Rating PG -13
Score 7
Creator Hatano Souichirou, Shirabi
Director Ishihara Tatsuya
Writers Yamada Yuka, Yoshida Reiko
Voices Shimono Hiro, Hayami Saori, Uesaka Sumire, Kuno Misaki, Uchida Maaya, Tadokoro, Azusa


After an incident causes everyone to be able to see phantoms, some people with powers to seal them also began to emerge. Two of these were Ichijou Haruhiko and Kawakami Mai. Although they aren’t very good at it.


So… I liked it more at the beginning. It was funny. It was pervy. The one girl has to grope herself for her powers to work after all. And the sealed them away by having fun (like limbo… with big boobs…). But then they started discovering secrets behind the phantoms and things got serious.

Not that it was bad. It just sort of annoyed me that they went from fun and pervy to less fun.

Then one of the characters sealed them by eating. Not bad. Another fought with a teddy bear. She was cute, the bear was cute and even though she was a kid, she wasn’t useless. The fairy thing was annoying, but she was still the one character I actually liked. Another fought with her voice and she was just annoying. Annoying personality, annoying skill. The boy and the girl that had to grope herself were awesome though. When it cam to the skills at least.

The more serious stuff seemed to fall short after all the fun perverted stuff (only show I’ve managed to found so far that balances it well is Gintama actually…), but it wasn’t horrible. It at least made you feel bad for a character or two.


I’m not sure I’d recommend it for the story, but it looks good. Watch the first few episodes on mute maybe?


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