Bubuki Buranki (2016) anime, TV – sub

480. Bubuki Buranki.jpg
Action, drama, mecha, sci fi
Episodes 12
Duration 24min
Rated PG -13
Score 6
Director Komatsuda Daizen
Writers Ishii Jirou, Kitajima Yukinori
Voices Ozawa Ari, Kobayashi Yuusuke, Terashima Yuka, Saito Soma, Ishigami Shizuka, Komatsu Mikako, Han Megumi, Hikasa Yoko, Tsuda Kenjirou


An incident when he was 6 causes Kazuki Azuma to be separated from his mother. 10 years later he returns to Japan and is taken prisoner. There he learns of Bubuki (weapons with a mind of their own) and then tries to find Oubu, his mom’s Buranki (a giant robot).


I think the main reason I kept watching this show and finding excuses not to drop it was because I like saying it’s title. But the art is annoying. The movements are uncomfortable.

The story itself is iffy. It doesn’t exactly make the most sense. It leaves all questions unanswered until the final episode and that just leads to more questions. His sister disappears after the time skip and no one says anything about her again. She isn’t mentioned until the very end of episode 12. We don’t know what she’s been doing. We sort of maybe get an idea of who she’s with but not why. We find out why Reoko hates Azumas mother, but it doesn’t explain much.

You don’t (or… I didn’t) get invested in any of the characters. I didn’t like them. I didn’t think the looked all that good. I didn’t care what happened because it was obvious nothing bad was actually going to happen to the main group. Even when the purposefully tried to make you feel bad for the characters by going into their pasts, you don’t feel much. The only character I had any concern about was the missing sister. You don’t just lose a twin sister. What was the point in her being their anyway? So they could wake a Buranki? After that, she wasn’t needed anymore so they just decided to pretend she never existed of the rest of the show?


Anyway, I wouldn’t recommend it… it’s just annoying.


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