Xiao Men Shen (2016) anime, movie – China

475. Xiao Men Shen.jpg
Comedy, fantasy, family
Duration 110 min
Rated PG
Score 9
Director/writer Wang Gary
Voices Gao Xiaosong, Luo Hongming, Li Xiaoxing


With a crisis in the spirit world due to the non belief in the mortal world, many gods are being fired. Trying to save his job as a door god, Yu Lei travels to the human world, followed soon after by his brother and fellow door god, Shen Tu, who tries to stop him with the help of a young girl.


It was cute! I really don’t know what to say… it’s cute, it’s sweet. The characters are cute. You have the world changing and moving on with a couple people, and gods, not wanting to while other people and gods are trying to force them to keep up with the times.

Some of the characters are a little one dimensional, but the ones that actually matter seem to have more to them.


Anyway, I feel like of I get too much into it I’d give too much away, but I’d recommend it. Plus, I kinda love the  voices, so that’s a plus


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