ERASED (2016) anime, TV – sub

472. ERASED.jpg
Mystery, psychological, seinen, supernatural
Episodes 12
Duration 23 min
Rated R 17+
Score 7
Creator Sanbe Kei
Director Itou Tomohiko
Voices Mitsushima Shinnosuke, Tsuchiya Tao, Yuuki Aoi, Takayama Minami, Okamura Akemi, Akasaki Chinatsu, Kikuchi Yukitoshi, Taichi You, Emoto Tasuku, Kito Akari, Tamaru Atsushi


Fujinuma Satoru can travel back in time to change something but he can’t control it. After he becomes suspected of murdering his mother, he travels back 18 years where he has to try to stop the murder of a  classmate.


I wanted to like this. I really did. It sounded like one of the more interesting ones of the season. But it wasn’t. I was hoping for a mystery. What did I get? A good idea by the end of the first episode and an answer by the end of the second. But the “kid” (nearly 30 year old in 10 year olds body getting way to close to an actual 10 year old) didn’t want to believe it was who it was so he avoided it until he couldn’t. It was horribly drawn it with a way too obvious answer that people insisted was good because it can’t be someone that obvious with a bunch of characters that aren’t fully formed put into situations that should make you at least a little uncomfortable but you don’t because you feel nothing for the characters because they’re so one dimensional.


I wouldn’t recommend it. Hell, the only reason I gave it such a high score (when it really deserved a 4 or 5), was because I enjoyed yelling at my screen.


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