Deep Red Love (2013) live action, movie – Japan

223. Deep Red Love.jpg
Drama, fantasy, thriller
Duration 83min
Score 9
Director Konaka Kazuya
Writers Shukawa Minato, Yamanoi Ayako, Konaka Kazuya
Cast Tsuchiya Tao, Arimori Narimi, Yoshizawa Ryo, Yoshida You, Osugi Ren, Horiuchi Masami, Shimizu Fumika, Oyamada Syo


Juri is a high school girl that committed suicide. Now she’s forced to wander around, being seen by no one. Until one day, she meets a young girl that can see her at the park.


It’s… sad? That’s probably the point. I feel like the end was happy… kind of… sort of…

It’s sort of… boring? Or well… maybe slow is a better word? For the most part. I mean, not much can come from having a girl that can’t be seen or heard wandering around. But then you start getting into the emotional stuff. These bug things that get you to commit suicide, relatives of people that commit suicide, little kids. And eventually, the girl seeming to understand what she did to her family.


So… I was sort of in the mood to cry, and although it was a real cry, I did get teary eyed so… I’ll say job done. I’d also recommend watching this.


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