Ajin Part 1: Shoudou (2015) anime, movie – sub

466. Ajin part 1 Shoudou.jpg
Adventure, horror, mystery, seinen, supernatural
Duration 105min
Rated R-17+
Score 8
Directors Seshita Hiroyuki, Andou Hiroaki
Creators Miura Tsuina, Sakurai Gamon
Voices Miyano Mamoru, Hosoya Yoshimasa, Suzuki Aya, Kinoshita Hiroyuki, Ootsuka Houchuu, Komatsu Mikako, Hirakawa Daisuke, Sakurai Takahiro


When Nagai Kei learns he’s an ajin (immortal), he is forced to go on the run to escape being turned into a research subject.


I’m not a fan of the art. The black ghost things are pretty cool looking, but the people seem awkward and more exaggerated than you’d expect for this genre.

The story itself is ok. Had I not hear all the hype, I probably would have liked it more than I did. Even giving it an 8 like I did is being generous. When you have a bunch of people telling you how great something is, your expectation goes up… sort of disappointed…

It’s emotional enough. It seems like the theme is like, who are the actual monsters? And I like that sort of thing. So when you have this kid that discovers he’s one of the supposed monsters in tears and not wanting to kill people being chased by people that hate him and want to torture him it’s just…


Anyway, as much as I dislike the art, I can’t complain too much of the story, and the complaints I do have will hopefully be revealed in part 2. As such, I’d recommend it, but it’s not like you have to go watch it right away.


Tokyo Ghoul
Deadman Wonderland

All involve teenagers that have, gain or discover they have certain powers that would lead to them being hunted down, killed, experimented on, etc.


This movie covers episodes 1-6 of the tv series, although it seems toned down some (guess that makes sense since they shortened it by about half an hour. Save time by watching the movie, get more detail from  the series.


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