Girl x Girl (2007) live action, movie – South Korea

222. Girl x Girl.jpgComedy, friendship, youth
Duration 80 mins
Score 7
Director Park Dong Hoon
Writers Jeon Won, Park Dong Hoon
Cast Im Seong Eon, Kwak Ji Min, Kim Kwang Min, Park So Young, Je Min, Lee Kyung Eun, Cha Yeob, Min Se Yeon, Lee Seon Joo


A model student falls in love with a boy when he helps her. Unfortunately, a bad girl is also in love with him. So in order to keep the model student from getting with him, the bad girl decides to try changing her into a bad girl.


It was cute. It was mostly entertaining (unfortunately, there were also a lot of boring parts). It wasn’t very funny though. It ended the way I wanted though. Sort of.


Anyway, it didn’t entertain me enough to talk too much about it so… watch it. Don’t. Who cares?


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