When a Wolf Falls in Love With a sheep (2012) live action, movie – Taiwan

220. When A Wolf Falls in Love With A Sheep.jpg
Comedy, romance
Duration 85 min
Score 9
Director Hou Chi Jan
Writers Chen Ching Yu, Ho Shing Ming, Hou Chi Jan
Cast Jian Man Shu, Ko Chen Tung, Guo Shu Yao, Hsieh Nikki, Tsai Chen Nan, Lu Ting Wei


When Tung is dumped with a sticky note, he goes in search for answers. Not finding his ex, he ends up getting a job at a copy shop. Here, he meets many odd people, including a girl that draws sheep on the exam papers of the cram school she works for.


It’s a funny and cute movie. That’s really it. You seem to learn more about the girls background than the guys though. You learn about her childhood, where a couple of her quirks come from and her past boyfriend. The guy you really only get to find out that he was depressed after his girlfriend left him. In a pretty horrible way in my opinion. For all the poor guy knew, she could have been dead.

But it’s still a cute and funny movie about two people meeting each other after getting dumped in a crappy way. And the way they start actually talking was just a mistake.


I’d recommend it if you want something light hearted and easy to watch. Maybe if you’re in a bit of a bad mood. Might cheer you up some. Don’t expect much plot wise though. It’s cute fluff. That’s it.

Also, after the end credits you might get a chuckle…


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