Shoot My Heart (2015) live action, movie – South Korea

221. Shoot My Heart.jpg
Drama, friendship, medical, psychological
Duration 102 min
Score 9
Director/writer Mun Je Yong
Cast Lee Min Ki, Yeo Jin Goo, Yoo Oh Sung, Kim Jeong Tae, Kim Ki Cheon, Shin Goo, Park Choong Seon, Park Doo Shik, Song Young Chang, Han Hye Rin, Lee Joon Hyuk


Soo Myung is sent to a mental hospital. Not wanting to worry about anything, he goes willingly. At the same time, Seung Min is forcibly sent to the same mental hospital. There, the two become close.


It’s cute. It’s funny. It’s emotional. It was a constant back and forth between laughing and crying. The two main actors seem to have great chemistry. The characters themselves help not only each other, but those around them as well.

And what kind of mental hospital would be complete without constant beetings, drugs and EST? Luckily, for the most part, the beating weren’t too severe physically… plenty of blood though…

Plus, something for the fan girls! Not sure if Seung Min was just fooling around or not, but a lot of what he said and did, especially earlier on, seemed to imply he may have though Soo Myung was a girl… which included Soo Myung waking up to fund Seung Min wrapped around him…


Anyway, I’d highly recommend it (I feel like I do that a lot…). I personally loved it and if not for the end (which was slightly disappointing) I would have given it a 10.


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