Old Dogs (2009) live action, movie – USA

old dogs.jpg
Comedy, family
Duration 88min
Rating PG
Score 8
Director Walt Becker
Writers David Diamond, David Weissman
Cast Robin Williams, John Travolta, Seth Green, Kelly Preston, Conner Rayburn, Ella Bleu Travolta, Lori Loughlin, Bernie Mac, Ann-Margret


Two business men that don’t want kids end up having to take care of seven year old twins for two weeks.


It’s a funny enough movie. It’s predictable and almost nothing but cliches. I’m not a fan of Robin Williams and John Travolta together. They just don’t seem to act as if they’re as close as they’re supposed to be.


But that isn’t the point. It’s funny. It’s entertaining. The story wasnt completely stupid. Do you need more than that for a comedy?


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