Teddy Go! (2015) live action, drama – Japan

217. Teddy Go.jpg
Detective, fantasy
Episodes 4
Duration 20min
Score 8
Cast Morikawa Aoi, Aikawa Sho, Matsuo Satoru, Koyanagi Yu, Nagano Mei


A 23 year old gets involved in a detective case after she gets dumped, fired and gets a teddy bear that is possessed by the middle aged detective that had been working on the case.


There’s not much to this. It’s 80 mins total. But it’s cute. You don’t learn much about the characters, but you learn enough to keep you interested in what happens to them. Especially the dead detective who you probably actually learn the most about.

It’s cute. I mean, come on! It’s a teddy bear solving a mystery! What could be cuter than that? Then there are some funny parts. Aside from the bear though, most of the funny parts were people thinking the girl had lost her mind and the one character being into the occult in a funny way.


Anyway, I’d recommend it. With how short it is, what have you got to lose? Especially when it’s got a decent mystery, cuteness, funniness and nor actually much of anything in the way of romance?


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