THE READING Book 136: CLUE (7) The Picture-Perfect Crime (AE Parker, Jahnna N Malcolm)

0136K0133. CLUE 7 The Picture-Perfect Crime - AE Parker. Janna N Malcolm.jpg
CLUE (7)The Picture-Perfect Crime

AUTHOR/ARTIST Jahnna N Malcolm

GENRE fiction, paperback. Childrens, mystery, thriller

PUBLISHER Scholastic


YEAR 1994

NOTES #3, #5

DESCRIPTION Collection of short mysteries based on the board game Clue and geared toward children.



I like these Clue books. Even if they’re easy to figure out. At least I can “play” Clue even though no body will actually play with me. Anyway, there’s not much to say about this, is there? It’s fun to read. read it.


Book #136
Keep #133
Lose #4


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