World’s Greatest Dad (2009) live action, movie – USA

worlds greatest dad.jpg
Comedy, drama
Duration 99min
Rated R
Score 6
Director/writer Bobcat Goldthwait
Cast Robin Williams, Daryl Sabara, Morgan Murphy, Alexie Gilmore, Geoff Pierson, Henry Simmons, Evan Martin, Bruce Hornsby, Mitzi McCall


When a teacher that doesn’t seem to have anything going for him comes home to find his son dead in an embarrassing position, he writes a suicide letter from the son and everything turns around for him.


It was okay. Funny. But a little… annoying? I don’t know. No matter how much of a prick your son is, using his death the way the dad in this is kind of… uncomfortable?


Anyway… I’m iffy on recommending it. On the one hand, Robin Williams is serious in this one and his son is kind of funny. On the other, the son is disgusting and you see Robin Williams running naked.


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