Noblesse: Awakening (2016) anime, ONA – sub

456. Noblesse Awakening.jpg
Action, school, supernatural, vampire
Episode 1
Duration 32 min
Rating R 17+
Score 9
Voices Shingaki Tarusuke


Based on the web comic/manhwa of the same name, it’s an introduction.


So, it covers probably a few chapters. Not much but it introduces a few of the main characters. Raizel just woke up, started going to school and the first enemy showed up.

The art is nice, the blood is… a pretty bright red. There’s some gore but it feels very cartoonish  (like… Disney cartoonish), but it’s there. I feel like it’s missing some of what was in the manhwa, but I feel like it was just some of the funniness that comes with a guy waking up after sleeping for 820 years.


Anyway, I’d recommend watching this, but I also feel like a person would like it more after reading it. I mean, it’s a nice introduction and all, but it just throws you right into it. I feel like if you have some idea what’s going on, it’s better.


Noblesse (manhwa; Son Jae Ho, Lee Gwang Su)


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