THE READING Book 134: Too Much Stuff! (Robert Munsch, illustrated by Michael Martchenko)

0134K0131. Too Much Stuff - Robert Munsch. Michael Martchenko.jpg
Too Much Stuff!

AUTHOR/ARTIST Robert Munsch/Michael Martchenko

GENRE fiction, childrens, illustrated

PUBLISHER Scholastic


YEAR 2010


DESCRIPTION Temina is excited to go on her first airplane ride to see her grandma, but she wants to take ALL her toys and dolls with her.



I liked it. Which is actually kind of bad when I think about it. I usually love Robert Munsch books. Maybe I’m thinking of it from too much of an old persons point of view, but Temina is sort of a major brat. She’s told multiple times throughout the book that she’s only allowed to bring ONE doll and ONE toy. So she brings ONE dill and ONE toy. then sneaks another TWENTY of each into her bag and onto the plane. where she’s giving them away left, right and center. It’s nice that you’re sharing kid, but do you know how expensive dolls are? a then,  she gets off the plane, without a care for all the toys and dolls she gave away, just to have her grandma MAKE her more dolls and have people from the plane send her new dolls. For one, this is just telling kids to disobey their parents because they’ll get good stuff anyway. Second, how the hell did they find out where this girl lives so they could send her stuff? Did she have her name and address plastered all over those toys she was giving away? Did the airline give out the personal information of a child? Did they stalk her somehow? It’s creepy…

But… I’d still say to read it to your kids. So long as they aren’t brats who are going to start disobeying their parents thinking they’ll get good stuff.


Book #134
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