Cleavage (2006) anime, OVA – dub

455. Cleavage
Episodes 2
Duration 27 min
Rated Rx
Score 4


When the father has to go away for business, Yuuto and his sister Erika (not related by blood) are left living together. Of course things turn sexual and they can’t keep it a secret.


This was sort of horrible. I mean, the art was ok and you can’t expect much in te way of character development but… the characters were clones of every other character in a hentai like this. The one sort of reminded me of Karin from Naruto though… but this was just annoying.

Being a hentai, a large part of how I rate it comes from how wet I get. This did nothing. No. Strike that. It did do something. It made me dry.

Maybe it was just bad dunking, bit I found this more funny than everything else. The kid has a thing for big tits. There are things you expect. But then there’s something like “you like my bathing suit? It’s cow print. It’s time to milk this cow farmer” (paraphrased of course. You can’t expect me to remember it word for word. And then there was a part when the two chick’s that are into this guy were having a sex off and with the utmost confidence “Enough! Both of you! If you’re going to do this then we should all fuck!”

As for the sex (or just the sexy scenes) all they had going for them was that the good parts weren’t censored. The sex noises were iffy, at best. Many of the scenes felt forced (more forced than a pool letting in a demon horse with tentacles? Yes.) There were even a few scenes that felt rapey. And not in the good way. In the “do what I want you to do or I’ll ruin your sisters life.”


Anyway, if you’re looking for a horribly cheesy and lame comedy with boobs, go for it. If you want something to get off to though, I wouldn’t recommend it. Even if (or maybe largely because) it’s “from the authors of Bible Black” according to MAL.


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