One Punch Man (2015) anime, TV – sub

453. One Punch Man
Action, comedy, parody, sci fi, seinen, super power, supernatural
Episodes 12
Duration 24min
Rating R-17+
Score 9
Creator ONE
Director Natsume Shinobu
Voices Furukawa Makoto, Ishikawa Kaito, Nakamura Yuuichi, Kaji Yuki, Yuuki Aoi


Saitama is an average looking young bald man that’s average in pretty much every way. But he is a hero for fun that beats all his opponents with one punch.


This actually us probably the closest thing I’ve found to living up to the hype in ages. The story is iffy. Had it been better, it would have actually completely lived up to hype. The problem is that while the characters are interesting, the art is awesome (I especially love the art during fight scenes), it’s fast paced and has the potential for a great story. But for the most part, it’s a monster-of-the-week type of thing for at least the first half. Then since Saitama gets lost or something, a fight is dragged out over a couple episodes until the last monster that takes most of the higher ranking heroes to defeat.

But Saitama doesn’t seem to have much of a back story. He was unemployed and looking for work, this and that happened and he decided to train and be a hero because it’s fun. But he beats everyone with a single hit. Genos seems to have a much more interesting story to him, but he pretty much just follows Saitama around like a loyal puppy. His story line could have went somewhere, but aside from him wanting to be stronger, they seem to only give it one line in the last episode after the initial explanation.

But anyway, it’s pretty much just a parody of shounen anime (manga?). It’s obviously making fun of other ones (like Dragon Ball right at the beginning). I personally love it though. The guys over powered like the always are, but unlike them, he beats most of the enemies in 1 episode. Aside from, you know, like, 50 episodes?


Anyway, I have to recommend this, especially if you’re looking for something fun that will keep you interested from start to end.


Gintama Both anime parody others, both have plenty of action, both have sci fi and aliens, both have main characters that win in the end.
Beelzebub Both are funny with fighting and such…


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