THE READING Book 132: Battle Royale: Angels’ Border (Takami Koushun, Ohnishi Mioko, Oguma Youhei)

0132K0129. Battle Royale Angels Border - Takami Koushun. Ohnishi Mioko. Oguma Youhei
Battle Royale: Angels’ Border

AUTHOR/ARTIST Takami Koushun, Ohnishi Mioko, Oguma Youhei

GENRE fiction, manga, paperback. Action, dementia, drama, dystopia, game, forror, science fiction, thriller, romance



YEAR 2014

NOTES side story to Battle Royale (novel, manga)

DESCRIPTION Two stories about the girls from the lighthouse. The first is told by Tanizawa Haruka and her feelings for Utsumi Yukie. In the second, Matsui Chisato has a chance meeting with Mimura Shinji on a train.


So I went to the book store yesterday since they’re the only place in town where you seem to be able to get Beanie Boos. That’s all I went there for. Of Course I just couldn’t stop there and I had to look at the books. With Battle Royale being one of my all time favourites, of course I had to get this, right?

So a quick warning for people that don’t live in the real world, the first story is about a girl that’s in love with another girl. It’s also based on a book where a bunch of junior high school kids are forced to kill each other.

Now getting into it, if you’ve read the manga version of the original, the art style is completely different. The original had bigger eyes but seemed slightly more realistic. In this one, the eyes are smaller, but it has a shoujo feel to it. Especially since a large part of the story is about love. It makes the odd gory part seem a little… silly… But for the most part, it actually seems sort of… sweet. It gets into characters we don’t see much and instead of putting the focus on what’s happening in the game, it has it’s focus more on when they were in school or just in the relationship between the characters.

In a way, I’m kind of disappointed. Not because it isn’t good, but because no one was able to tell anyone anything. Which seems horrible to me. I kind of wish there was a third part with the couple that committed suicide together though. It would have been interesting to see them. But I’d still recommend this.

Book #132
Keep #129
Lose #3


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