Aishiteruze Baby (2004) anime, TV – sub

452. Aishiteruze Baby
Comedy, drama, romance, shoujo, slice of life
Episodes 24
Duration 25min
Rating PG-13
Score 8
Creator Maki Youko
Director Okuwaki Masaharu
Voices Fujita Daisuke, Tsuzuhara Miyu, Hara Fumina, Suzuki Masami, Endo Kumiko, Okohira Shizuka, Honjou Yuutaro, Yuuki Aoi, Miyazato Shun



Kippei is a high school playboy. When his aunt disappears leaving behind her 5 year old daughter, Yuzuyu, the responsibility of raising her is given to Kippei in an attempt to teach him responsibility.


For the most part, this is a cute, light hearted show. Kippei takes to the guardian role quite quickly and any mistakes he makes are more amusing than anything else. It does touch on the odd more serious subject matter such as child abuse and self harm (with talk of suicide), but not much is shown. A slap, a fall down the stairs (not serious. The one that fell wasn’t in an odd position and there was no blood or anything. Just knocked out), bruises and scars.

It had some romance. There was one or two make out scenes at the beginning, but nothing major and they only lasted a couple seconds. Kippei gets closer to a girl he has a crush on when she realizes he’s not a bad person (thanks to his relationship with Yuzuyu). Nothing major though. Kippei is a bit thick and the girl seems to have a hard time with emotions.


Anyway, the odd episode was boring and pointless. The end was disappointing. But it was mostly good so I’d recommend it. It’s not a must watch though.



Recommendations Beelzebub (anime or manga. A high school delinquent suddenly has to take care of a baby that happens to be the son of the demon king. Shonen with fighting)
Usagi Drop (anime or live action Japanese movie. 30 year old bachelor suddenly has to take care of a 6 year old girl after the death of his grandfather, her father)
Daa! Daa! Daa! (Anime. Two middle schoolers are suddenly left alone together when their parents leave the country. Shortly after, an alien baby crashes into their house and they have to take care of it)
Chocotto Sister (anime. College student suddenly has to take care of a young girl when Santa finally answers a childhood wish for a little sister)


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