Nyan Koi! (2009) anime, TV – dub

451. Nyan Koi
Comedy, harem, romance
Episodes 12
Duration 24 min
Rating PG-13
Score 8
Creator Fujiwara Sato
Voices Connor Leach, Lesley Tesh, Maggie Flecknoe, Greg Ayres, Kara Greenberg, Samuel Roman, Cynthia Martinez, Emily Neves, Monica Rial, Elizabeth Bunch, Marcy Bannor, Jay Hickman


Second year high school student, Junpei Kousaka, is allergic to cats and as such, hates them. When he accidentally breaks the statue of the local guardian deity of cats, he is cursed. He can now hear cats and must grant 100 of their requests or he himself will be turned into a cat.


I probably gave this a higher score than I should have. But it looked good, one of my favourite voice actors was in it (even though he was a side character and barely had any lines), and the cats! So many cute little kitties… in all honesty, I actually loved the cat parts. If it focused more on that, it probably could have gotten a 9 (or actually be deserving of that 8 I gave it). Unfortunately, as important as it may have seemed from the description I gave up there (and the description on MAL), it actually seems to be pushed out of the way to focus more on romance. In some episodes, it almost seemed like they forgot about the curse and just forced it in.

See, it’s not that I didn’t like the romance. Some parts were actually quite sweet. But he’s so into one girl that he ignores the one that truly cares about him. Then every single girl he came into contact with fell in love with him. The girl he has a crush on, the childhood friend, a senpai, a pair of twins. Even the mail person sexually harasses him. And, like I said before, these stupid “romances” take the front and center main role while pushing the curse off to the side.


Anyway, I know I’ve been complaining a lot… but I did like it. If you like harem anime then I’d recommend it. If not, don’t bother.


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