3Ping Lovers! (2015) anime, OVA – sub

451. 3 Ping Lovers Ippu Nisai no Sekai e Youkoso The Animation
Episodes 1
Duration 32 min
Rating Rx
Score 9
Creators Ori, Hadashi Shoujo, INO, Hinasaki
Voices Ogura Yui, Mizuguchi Matsuri


A boy, who is an otaku and has no luck with women, is transported to a place similar to (or an actual?) RPG. There, two women want him to become their husband as his semen has magical properties.


So… all the sex scenes are three-somes. Then it’s a hentai, so obviously sex plays a major part. But even ignoring the sex (which is pretty good… although not the best), the story is actually interesting, even though it’s been played out. I mean like, they’re in some kind of life or death battle and the guy is pretty much useless except for one thing. But, it’s not too bad.

So, more about the sex? Well, first off, it got me wet. Not soaked and I didn’t get the urge to masturbate but… I think the problem was the two main characters. I’m not a big fan of three-somes, boobs grew, boobs had milk. But the two main females just annoyed me. The one was always telling people not to look at her and in some cases, threatening things that shouldn’t be threatened, especially considering how precious it is. The other one was worse though. I don’t know if she’s supposed to be innocent or something, but she didn’t want to be seen when her boobs got huge for a stupid reason and she would apologize for making “lewd noises”. Really? Come on! The loli was a better character than you two!


Anyway… it made me want more, which is depressing. Unless the novel was translated, chances are I won’t get more. But for the half hour, it was good so I’d recommend it if you want a bit of fun (even if there are no tentacles or bondage).


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